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Your "Anadrol 50" story about local minister was unfair and inconsistentLetter

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I understand that a public figure being arrested is news, but I have a few problems with your story about Mr. Love. Love. I do not presume his guilt or innocence, but I wonder why his name was the only one out the seven arrested that was printed "Anadrol 50" in your story.

If he happens to be acquitted, how will you undo the character assassination that has occurred as a result of the story? Will you print a front page story about him being innocent (if this is the case)? How about printing things positive about the church world? You wouldn't dream of doing a story about a pastor making a difference in the community by proclaiming Buy Cheap Jintropin Online the name of Christ and seeing lives changed in his/her church, would you?

I am glad that you didn't run his address like another publication. He is currently the target of prank calls, and many items have been thrown at his house by passersby. If the man is killed as a result of this story, would you be partially liable? I am just curious where public information gives way to character assassination? Why single this man out? Print the other six names and their occupations, and what their co workers and bosses say about their arrest.

Randy MintonEditor's note: The arrest Primobolan En Zweten of a well respected minister, who also was a long time school board member, is newsworthy, even Gensci Jintropin though it occurred "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" near Logan. By the same token, Sustanon 250 12 Week Cycle it's not Sustanon 250 3rd Week newsworthy here in when people who are not prominent and don't live in our area are arrested near Logan. We do realize that the Rev. Love is innocent until proved guilty, and will report the resolution of the case, no matter what it is.

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